Thursday, January 15, 2009

omg I am so gonna win.

So I was reading this article in the bbc about about "the best job in the world." basically they'll pay you like, 150,000 Australian dollars to live rent-free on an island for six months. It's a dream job all right.
Work twelve hours a month. Duties include feeding fish and collecting the mail.

But you know what, world? Don't even bother reading about it because I AM GOING TO WIN. I have decided that I, Gabrielle, "Tigs" Tigan WILL win this job. why?

Simple: I am the most qualified candidate.

My qualifications are thus:

1. I like to work as little as possible.
2. I like paradise. 
3. I like fish. 
4. I like mail.
5. I like money.

Now honestly, I am being facetious here. My strengths are like, waaaaaaaaaay more than this.
I am personable, have mad people skills and am open-minded For instance, someone said if I had a nickname, it was help me be remembered by the Tourism Queensland association. The same person said "Tigs," so I'm like, you know what? Why not.

In the next couple of days I am going to go all hardcore in my quest to get this job. I'm gonna post stuff on youtube, and everything, and what's more is, I'm not just gonna say it, but I'm gonna do it. You just watch.

So Australian Citizens: Be prepared for the best employee you've ever had.